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let's build together

Having a strong community is critical to growing your business. You don't have to take this journey alone.

Hello I'm Karen!

I grew a multi-six-figure tech recruiting company during the height of the 2020 pandemic. Bringing in half a million dollars in revenue in 3 years but what you don't see is the 3 years of failed business attempts before that led to the success I finally had in 2020.


Quitting my corporate job in 2016 to go on this journey to figure out my purpose in life which had me feeling like I was going down a path to nowhere because nothing I tried worked. What I didn't know was that every failure was a lesson and I got up and tried again, and not making the same mistake again.


As an African American woman raising 2 daughters, I am on a mission to empower more women like me to do the same and build multi 6 and 7-figure businesses without the 3-year struggle bus ride.

I have since pivoted from recruiting to running Bold In Business and The Bold Collective because I wanted to create a space for us who are

  • Still finding our voice

  • Emphasizing self-care and mental health

  • Figuring out how to balance personal life with a growing business

  • Fueled by collaborating and supporting each other

  • Looking for a community of women who truly want to see each other win.

If this resonates with you then, the Bold In Business community is for you...

Karen the Founder

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What's important to us?
Building together...

Building Community


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The community where Black Female Entrepreneurs thrive together. 

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